Many companies are integrating LLM question answering tools into their DevEx toolchain. If you’re writing documentation and you’d like to assist these tools to serve people with proper responses to the questions related to what you own, has a few practical tips on optimizing the technical docs for LLMs:

  • A clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings on a page helps LLMs understand the relationships between different sections of your documentation.
  • Troubleshooting sections formatted as Q&A are an effective source for LLMs as they mirror the questions users often ask, making it easier for LLMs to understand and respond to similar questions.
  • Including small, self-standing code snippets can be helpful, especially for products that rely on large and often complex SDKs or APIs.
    • Have a brief description above the code to clarify its purpose and usage.
    • Include comments within the code to explain the logic and functionality.
  • Keep relevant content directly in your docs rather than in linked files such as PDFs, as LLMs have a harder time parsing these.
  • Ensure information conveyed through screenshots is also described in text, as LLMs parse text more efficiently.
  • Clarify all acronyms and specialized terminology within your documentation to aid LLM comprehension.


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