After reading this post from Lara, I finally understand why I’ve been feeling strangely uncomfortable whenever my work desks have been moved in the past.

Here are humans’ core needs in the BICEPS model:


  • Community: A feeling of friendship and closeness with a group, or being part of a tight community of any size.
  • Community well-being: People are cared for, the whole group feels happy and healthy.
  • Connection: Feeling kinship and understanding with


  • Progress towards purpose: You are helping make progress towards an important goal for the company, your team or your own career/life.
  • Improving the lives of others: You see how your work helps improve things for others
  • Personal growth: Learning/seeing fast growth in yourself in skills that matter to you.


  • Choice: Having flexibility, the chance to have more control over key parts of your world
  • Autonomy: Having clear ownership over a domain where you can do as you wish, without asking for permission
  • Decision-making: The ability to have make decisions about the things that matter to you


  • Access to resources (money, time, space, etc) feels fair/equitable
  • Access to information is fair: All groups/people have access to information that is relevant to them
  • Equal reciprocity: You support each other equally
  • Decisions are fair and everyone is treated as equally important


  • Resources: There’s enough certainty about resources (money, personnel hours, space) so you can focus on your job
  • Time: There’s certainty about when things will occur/when you can prepare for them.
  • Future challenges: You can anticipate and thus can prepare for future challenges
  • Direction: Goals, strategy, and direction stay consistent and don’t change too often/fast


  • Status: You hold a title/role that honors your worth among your peers/your industry
  • Visibility: Your work is highly visible to people that matter
  • Recognition: Your work is recognized and appreciated in ways that feel good.


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